The Birds of Trinidad & Tobago

By Geoffrey A.C. Herklots

School photo day


The edition shown here is a 1965 reprinting of the first edition published by Collins of London in 1961, featuring the bright-orange dust-jacket and cloth-binding of the original.


As was typical of guides at that time, the book is largely made up of detailed text descriptions, with a dozen or so double-sided plates depicting noteworthy birds from the breast up.

Popular hairstyles of Trinidad and Tobago

About the Author and illustrator

Geoffrey A.C. Herklots was a British botanist, ornithologist and author of several illustrated books on various subjects, including one other ornithological work, Hong Kong Birds. He also had an orchid named after him — Eria herklotsii — which is a hard flex indeed.


I picked up my copy for c$19.99 in a used bookstore in Toronto and found inside it a purchase receipt from 1968 and a type-written letter from an assistant curator at the Royal Ontario Museum’s ornithology department, recommending the book to one Dr. Bruce Charles (the book’s original owner).

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